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Bugged by pests? You are not alone! Most households and businesses face common pest problems.

We’ve made it our mission to provide naturally effective solutions, tips, and information so that we can all have freedom from pests and damage while preserving nature’s delicate ecosystem. Read the latest here.

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Our Blogs

How to Remove and Keep Squirrels Out of the Attic

April 10, 2023 6 minute read

Watching a squirrel scurry around outside is pretty entertaining, but finding a family of squirrels squatting inside your home is not. If you hear strange noises coming from your attic or notice other possible signs of damage, pay attention because it’s possible that you have squirrels in your attic.  These bright-eyed and bushy-tailed creatures may […]

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Field Mice Facts: Why They Want In Your Home

March 14, 2023 7 minute read

Who can resist a tiny little fur ball with big eyes and oversized ears? We certainly can’t, so we’ve put together everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the field mouse. When the temperatures outside start dropping, you may notice these visitors trying to take shelter in your nice warm home. Just like other types […]

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Will Mothballs Keep Mice Away? Discover the Truth

March 13, 2023 3 minute read

Getting rid of mice is an age-old problem. Some of the alternative methods we have reviewed on this blog include essential oils (like peppermint oil), pesticides, ultrasonic deterrents, glue boards, and mouse traps. However, one solution homeowners seem to often come back to is using mothballs for mouse control.  But, is this DIY tactic effective […]

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Photo of Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder Bug Season: What You Need to Know

February 20, 2023 6 minute read

One afternoon when I was watching my sons play in the backyard, I sat there, a little too relaxed, and was startled by a scream coming from the side of the house. My oldest son had discovered his very first Boxelder bug. In fact, they must have sensed his love for them because the entire […]

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How to Protect Your HVAC Systems from Pest Infestation

January 19, 2023 6 minute read

Changing seasons bring different challenges for homeowners in the form of pests. HVAC systems are an ideal place for several types of pests, including mice, squirrels, raccoons, and even snakes, to hide. The damp and warm environment of these systems is very inviting for these creatures, which is why many decide to make them their […]

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Black Widow Control and Prevention

January 19, 2023 4 minute read

The black widow spider (scientifically named Latrodectus) is notorious for being dangerous. The female’s poisonous bite and reputation for killing and eating her mate serve not only as a health and safety concern, but also makes for an interesting relationship dynamic. Their venom is 15 times more toxic than a prairie rattlesnake’s venom, and a […]

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Cleaning & Pest Prevention Tips for Winter

January 18, 2023 4 minute read

Cleaning, tidying, and decluttering are some of the best ways to prevent pests. As the cold weather rolls in, rodents and other pests search for a warm place to escape from the elements.  Mice love crawling into tiny crevices and making winter homes in attics, basements, garages, pantries, and cupboards. Rodents will also seek shelter […]

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